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Holiday in Sardinia

Holiday village in Sardinia: Re-opening the 23rd April 2017
It's official, the Tonnara tourist village in Sardinia will reopen for the season 2017 the 23rd April, mark it on your calendar! At the peak of the spring, we will be ready to welcome all those nostalgic of the holidays, even for a small weekend as a break from work, a lifesaver for recharge [...]

A dive into the pool of the Tonnara Camping in Sardinia
If you now look outside your window, you probably see a winter landscape, a few drops of rain, some of you a few flakes of snow ... and definitely feel so much cold! Today we of the camping in Sardinia Tonnara want you to dream and bring you back to the fantastic summer holidays, talking about [...]

Mobile homes in Sardinia for numerous families: ANASTASIA
What is the best solution for a family having 3 or 4 kids? The hotel rooms are generally not equipped for 5 or even 6 persons unless you come up with really tight and suffocating spaces. As during the holiday everyone should be comfortable, everyone must have space and comfort, the Camping [...]

Tonnara camping in Sardinia during autumn and winter
What is the staff of camping in Sardinia doing during the winter, the closing time of the village? First of all, right after the season, we need a lovely relaxing break and rest ... very important to recharge and free our mind. Return happy and rested means being able to get to work with great [...]

Camping in Sardinia and the great offers for the high and low season.
You've finally got the okay from your employers  for your summer holiday and now you are looking for the ideal one ? The requests are: excellent location, stunning scenery to see, excellent services and good prices ... You can find all this at the Tonnara camping in Sardinia! Let’s see [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia and the fair The Sulcis Iglesiente Exposes
We present today a very interesting event for all tourists curious to discover the beauties of our country, from food and wine or craft excellence. If you will be a guest in our bungalow in Sardinia on May 29, 2016, you will take part at  the tenth edition of "The Sulcis Iglesiente Exposes" [...]

Holiday in Sant'Antioco: Nature, services and activities
What’s awaiting you at the Camping Tonnara if you book in advance your holiday in Sant’Antioco in one of our bungalow or mobile homes? NATURE: Sardinia iso ne of the most beautiful italian  islands, very popular  during the summer season.  Sant'antioco is, in turn, a small island in [...]

Tourist Village in Sardinia Tonnara and the mine of Masua
Tonnara is a big tourist village in Sardinia, located in S, in the south west of the big Island. It’s in a special position, facing the Mediterranean sea and immersed in the wild and still pure nature. From there you may easily reach the clear sea with limpid waters and rich bottoms...a real [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia, facing the clear Mediterranean sea.
Tourists who choose to live a holiday in a Bungalow in Sardinia at the camping Tonnara in Sant’Antioco, in the far south of the island, greatly love nature, wild landscapes and crystal sea. The landscape you are having in your eyes during your vacation will surprise you day by day, colur by [...]

Holiday with your family at the Tonnara Camping in Sardinia
When you choose the destination for your summer vacation with your family, especially if you have young children, you should pay attention to small or big things so that you can satisfy all your family. You cannot go adventuring, you need to consider the location, safety or the facilities for [...]

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