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Holiday in Sardinia

Elba mobile homes in Sardinia at Tonnara Camping
How many of you must still book the summer holiday? It’s time, MANY tourists have already chosen both the location and the accommodation ... not to stay without "solutions" don't waste any more time and reserve the wonderful Mobile Homes in Sardinia at the Camping Tonnara. We are located [...]

Among many campsites in Sardinia, choose Tonnara.
Are you facing a big choice for your summer holiday: which campsite among the campsites in Sardinia on display to book? We understand that among the many proposals of the network, who still don't know us might have doubts ... but we can assure you that one of the best campgrounds in [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia and diving with Isla Diving
The wonderful sea of Sardinia offers breathtaking landscapes, if we add the richness and beauty of its waters, we have already convinced you about the location for your next holiday! Camping Tonnara is in Sant'Antioco and offers Mobile Homes, pitches and bungalows in Sardinia with a really [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia, between comfort and vivacity
Are you choosing the location of your next vacation? Or rather, you don't know whether to choose the convenience of an apartment reserved and intimate or a campsite with many facilities and many new people to know? Well, the ideal solution for you are the bungalows in Sardinia at camping [...]

Camping in Sardinia: Today we tempt your taste buds
It's time for the "local food" ... today we want to tempt your taste buds. The chef of Tonnara Camping in Sardinia presents you the recipe that roost on the tables of the Sardinians throughout the spring and autumn, which you can also taste during your next stay: here is the spaghetti with [...]

Holiday with your dog in Sardinia: precious advices for you
How many of you cannot do without the 4-legged friend while on vacation? Actually, the dog becomes part of the family and leaving it in any Board even for a few days could definitely ruin your holidays. But spend your holiday with your dog in Sardinia is not as difficult or challenging, just [...]

Camping in Sardinia Tonnara: The fair of the Gusto 2017
In this first month of January are scheduled and organized all the fairs, exhibitions and various important events of the whole year, we at the campsite in Sardinia Tonnara have collected all the information and materials useful to our guests, in order to announce all the events that may be of [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia: best offers Grimaldi Lines til 30/01
Today we give you a great news, especially for those going to book their bungalow in Sardinia at Camping Tonnara and want to move with the ferry: until 31 January GRIMALDI LINES has a new offer on the ferries to and from Sardinia, -30% discount for travel from June 1st  to September 30th , [...]

Tonnara Camping in Sardinia: veryÂ…natural holiday!
Are you looking for a location for your next holiday in nature and far from the frenetic life at which by now we are used to in the city? Large buildings, traffic, noise, pollution ... for the summer you want to completely remove the plug and give your family a whole new experience, "green", [...]

Camping in Sardinia: start organizing your summer holidays
And here we are, finally arrived in the new year ... How did you spend new year's Eve party? who has stayed home with family and friends and who has had the opportunity to travel or to go in any particular city? The staff of camping in Sardinia Tonnara takes this opportunity to renew to you [...]

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