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Holiday in Sardinia

Holidays in the south of Sardinia at the Camping Tonnara
So finally the summer, so  finally hot, sun and the deserved break from work. How to live in the best   holidays? So Camping Tonnara proposes   you some fantastic holidays. Do you love nature and beautiful landscapes of south of Sardinia?  So book your holidays at this beautiful camping  [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia for a total relax
Are you  busy with the organization of  holidays? Have you chosen your  accommodation? If you haven’t decided nothing, we suggest you some bungalows in Sardinia. It’s a fantastic idea for nature’s lovers and real holidays. We are not talking about whatever bungalow in Sardinia, but [...]

Camping Sardinia: Tonnara is waiting for you
Do you love sea, sun and nature? We suggest you to enjoy all together by booking your holiday in a camping in Sardinia. Not in a normal place, but at the camping Tonnara. It’s a place that really leaves you without breath, a place where  real and pure join to the beauty of our sea. This camping [...]

Weekend in Sardinia for two unforgettable days
Have you only few holiday days, but rightly, don’t you want to miss the opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved rest? Book a weekend in Sardinia. There isn’t, probably, a most beautiful sea than this one and if you want to disconnect also only for few days, really worth of choosing a [...]

Camping in Sardinia for holidays in the nature
Do you love the sea and are you planning your holidays? Have you never thought of a camping in Sardinia? It will be the ideal solution for you who love the sea and the nature and who desire to make an experience in contact with the beauty of the place. Tonnara is the camping in Sardinia, that could [...]

Sardinia sea for a unique holiday
After  the cold winter, in the encloses spaces of the workplace or of the home, with the summer at the gates, the mind travels to wonderful places. For example Sardinia sea. Yes..because, those who enjoy holidays in the warm and especially who wishes to enjoy the breathtaking views, have to [...]

Trekking routes in Sardinia
Sport and nature lovers, we are telling to you!! Would you like to live a unique experience in a unique place? Here to you Sardinia, that offer you breathtaking itineraries for trekking. You got it! This sunny region in the long history, surrounded by the sea invites you for a unique experience in [...]

Choose a camping in Sardinia for your summer
Looking out the window of your office you can see the morning sun that rises and calls for the hot summer ... what are you waiting to plan your holiday? An advice that will agree with everyone? Obviously Tonnara Camping in Sardinia, Sant'Antioco. This beautiful and large camping in the far south [...]

Hiking to the caves in Sardinia for a unique experience
Do you love your holidays in beautiful places possible in direct contact with nature? Dreaming of the much-deserved summer break, but have not yet decided where to go? The stunning Sardinia is the solution. Not any location, but Tonnara Camping, beautiful camping located in Sant Antioco, in the [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia for a holiday in nature
Do you love islands and are you looking for a bungalow in Sardinia for your holiday in Italy? Of course you love nature, so the answer for you is Tonnara Camping. A bungalow in Sardinia is without doubt the ideal solution for those who want to spend some 'well-deserved rest in direct contact with [...]

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