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Holiday in Sardinia

Camping in Sardinia Tonnara.
Holidays, you know, are expected by all with great fervor. In the days before departure there is always a relaxing air, thinking to when we will be lying in the Sun with a nice cocktail under the sun umbrella! Why not prolong this good feeling by booking for a holiday in a campsite in [...]

Your holidays on campsites in Sardinia.
There are numerous campsites in Sardinia among which you may decide to spend your holidays: today we talk about camping Tonnara! It is located in a wonderful place, surrounded by nature, such as the island of Sant'Antioco, on the southwestern coast of the big Island. This, among all the [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia in camping Tonnara
Are you already trying to plan you holiday in a bungalow in Sardinia, but your friends think it’s too early? Well, we have good news for you! Camping Tonnara has a special offer for those who book by 31 December 2017: the 15% discount for the high season and 20% on low and middle [...]

Tonnara, your holiday village in Sardinia
Summer has given way to Autumn, but not everyone is able to enjoy some rest from the hustle of the city and are already planning next summer! If you're among them, we have what you are looking for! Camping Tonnara is the tourist village in Sardinia, perfect for relaxing and enjoying a few [...]

Camping in Sardinia Tonnara: come to visit us!
Yes, we can say it…it’s May but we are in Summer! Spring is giving us beautiful and warm days so if you have some days off from work we invite you in Tonnara Camping in Sardinia! Close your eyes, imagine a village in the nature, facing the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by a fantastic and [...]

Camping in Sardinia: Primavera Sulcitana (Sulcis Iglesias Spring)
Camping in Sardinia Tonnara located in Sant'Antioco says to you that in Carbonia, a beautiful city just a few kilometers away from the village, the 13th and 14th May will take place the event " Primavera Sulcitana 2017". If you will be our guests in that weekend, we sugegst you to [...]

Holiday with the dog in Sardinia: just be organized
Welcome May, you have finally arrived…with these sunny days you are bringing forward a great Spring! How many of you are organizing the coming holiday with the dog in Sardinia? Actually, with your 4-legged friend in need of a bit of extra attention, but nothing difficult indeed. You have the [...]

Elba mobile homes in Sardinia at Tonnara Camping
How many of you must still book the summer holiday? It’s time, MANY tourists have already chosen both the location and the accommodation ... not to stay without "solutions" don't waste any more time and reserve the wonderful Mobile Homes in Sardinia at the Camping Tonnara. We are located [...]

Among many campsites in Sardinia, choose Tonnara.
Are you facing a big choice for your summer holiday: which campsite among the campsites in Sardinia on display to book? We understand that among the many proposals of the network, who still don't know us might have doubts ... but we can assure you that one of the best campgrounds in [...]

Camping in Sardinia: Happy Easter wishes
In a few days finally will be Easter ... are you ready? Tonnara Camping in Sardinia and our staff wants to make you the best and sincere wishes for a Happy Easter, it's a day full of love, beautiful emotions, of thoughtlessness and, why not, a bright sun high in the sky. How will you [...]

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