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Holiday in Sardinia

Holiday southern Sardinia: Cala Sapone in southern Sardinia
Is there a sea in Italy more heavenly than that of Sardinia? If you are planning a trip, we recommend a wonderful holiday in the south of Sardinia. It will certainly not be disappointed, because the holiday in the south of Sardinia will surprise you with crystal clear water with white sand, scenery [...]

Weekend in Sardinia: a taste of weekend in Sardinia
The stress of work and the many daily tasks make us nervous and prevents us from living peacefully. When you feel the need to get away and take some time for you, choose to live a wonderful weekend in Sardinia. That's right, sometimes we need to pull the plug and leave the traffic and noise [...]

Weekend in Sardinia: a weekend in the south west of Sardinia
When stress does not allow us to continue working longer, nervousness put us in difficulty with those who love us, it's time to take a break and there's no better way to spend a long weekend in Sardinia. That's right, Camping Tonnara in Sant'Antioco in the far south west of Sardinia, offers a [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia:the summer in bungalows in Sardinia
Summer's coming, time to think to organize a perfect holiday! For a group of friends who celebrate graduation, to a large family, for a romantic couple the right solution are the bungalows in Sardinia as guests of Camping Tonnara! That's right, Sardinia, the most desired destination in summer, [...]

South of Sardinia: the atmosphere of southern Sardinia
If the whole of Sardinia appears as a region where human intervention has not yet taken over the nature, south of Sardinia, from this point of view, even more spectacular. Here, the thousands of shades of colors of the Mediterranean, plus the olfactory magic that, in an interweaving of the smell of [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia to enjoy a splendid view from the bungalows in Sardinia
To all lovers of Sardinia, but also to those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit this beautiful region with a thousand shades of colors, Camping Tonnara offers the possibility to rent furnished bungalow at a great price. A bungalow in Sardinia as housing solution is very interesting [...]

Southern Sardinia: breathtaking scenery, clear water and much more will find during your holiday in South Sardinia
South Sardinia consists of three provinces: Cagliari, Carbonia-Iglesias Medio Campidano. Tonnara Camping rises Sant'Antioco Island, in the province of Carbonia-Inglesias, in Sulcis-Iglesias, a few miles from Carbonia. Sant'Antioco island has become an artificial peninsula in fact an [...]

The sea of Sardinia: if you want to spend a holiday at sea, Sardinia is the destination for you!
Sardinia is a region in Italy's autonomous status. This is the second largest island of the republic. Sardinia had a rather peculiar history, made by a long series of rulers, because of its strategic position in the Mediterranean. Now Sardinia is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in [...]

Vacation in the south of Sardinia
The Sardinia is like a history without words. Its natural beaches and coves carry from thousand years, hidden in the sand, the secrets of the nuragici ancestors, that they have left to the posterity many cultural and historical traditions, forming the base of the today civilization . From north to [...]

Holiday in Sardinia
The discovery of Sardinia as destination of great tourist call is enough recent, thanks, for big part, to the intuition of ismailita prince Aga Khan, who in the 60 years practically “invented” the Smeralda Coast. That tourism, that provoked the birth, from nothing, of a lot of characteristic [...]

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