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Holiday in Sardinia

Nature and services in your resort in Sardinia.
If nature has to be an important part of your vacation, but it is not the only requirement you need, the Tonnara resort in Sardinia is right for you.
In fact, the camping is immersed in the fantastic nature of Sant’ Antioco in Sardinia, including miles of beaches and forests of native [...]

Camping in Sardinia in Sant'Antioco
Are you already thinking about the next holiday destination? The sacrifices to take a week off from work are many ... you need to choose a right place for your money, without sacrificing the comfort and beauty of the landscape ... how to do it?
Here's the most beautiful camping in Sardinia, in [...]

Excursions in Sardinia: rubber boat, sailing and ...
Sardinia is one of the richest lands in history, nature and culture around the world ... each year many tourists visit these areas, truly unique in the world. If you have curiosity and want to find these beauties then book a holiday at the Camping Tonnara in Sant'Antioco and you will never regret [...]

Holidays in Sant'Antioco: SI CARD
If you chose to spend your holidays in Sant'Antioco, in the heart of Western Sardinia, in the rich and unspoiled nature, you cannot miss to stay at the wonderful Camping Tonnara. You will have great brand new mobile homes or bungalows to choose from depending on your needs, or you can opt for the [...]

Mobile homes in Sardinia for a special holiday
Nowadays we feel always more and more the need to find a holiday offer of quality and at the same time for our wallet. Here is the solution: mobile homes in Sardinia in Camping Tonnara, located in the south west of Sardinia, to be precise in Sant'Antioco land of fragrances, flavors, culture and [...]

The nature around Tonnara Camping in Sardinia
When the summer holidays arrive everyone wants to go to reach really lovely natural places. Tired of the great buildings, of the city noise, traffic and pollution, the most popular destinations are near the well-seas around Italy. We now offer a unique country, Sant'Antioco, presenting the [...]

A holiday village in Sardinia between mines and caves.
Are you looking for a holiday village in Sardinia that can accommodate you in order to live adventurous holidays? Do you also love to know ancient traditions, discover new landscapes and start journeys in the most fascinating places of the island? Here you are the Camping Tonnara, the best holiday [...]

Our mobile homes in Sardinia.
Are you looking for the perfect solution to spend wonderful holidays in Sardinia with your friends? Or are you looking for an accommodation suitable for your big family without spending too much? Here for you our special mobile homes in Sardinia, as guests of the Tonnara Camping. This holiday [...]

Beach holidays in Sardinia: our beaches
If you are still undecided on a destination for your summer holiday, but you have clear idea of ​​what you do not want to miss, like sun, beach and suntan, then we have the right solution for you: a beach holiday in Sardinia as guests of the wonderful Camping Tonnara. If you love relaxing in [...]

Tonnara Camping in Sardinia, a testimony
Summer is here, finally the sun enlightens the days and puts us in a good mood. And 'that's the best time to choose your holiday destination ... Here is Tonnara Camping in Sardinia, located in the extreme southwest of Sardinia, directly overlooking the great Mediterranean Sea. This location will [...]

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