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Holiday in Sardinia

Fabulous diving in Sardinia for you
Who deeply loves the sea, as soon as he has a break, lives immediately for this natural element so mysterious and fascinating. There are lovers of the beach and tan, but there are also those who want to explore the depths and all the hidden beauties of the deep. So why not assessed the fabulous [...]

A holiday in Sardinia to relax yourself
It's time to think about the next summer break and this climate of spring is really ideal for that. If you don’t know yet what will be your destination, we suggest a wonderful holiday in Sardinia. What about this wonderful island, paradise, known worldwide for its beautiful coasts, water and [...]

The holidays in Southern Sardinia
Do you already want to relax and do nothing for a period? Do you want to enjoy the much deserved summer break? So do not waste any more time and organize a wonderful holiday in the south of Sardinia. If you have not visited this heavenly island, get ready to experience something truly unique. The [...]

A weekend in Sardinia between the sea and excursions
Do you feel like making holidays? You're not alone and how to blame? After all this cold, with daily duties, the mind turns to the pleasant summer heat and rest. If you cannot take too much time, at least treat yourself to a weekend. So why not a weekend in Sardinia? Have you ever seen this [...]

Choose a campsite in Sardinia
How many times have you dreamed of a vacation in a very special place, but for a thousand different reasons you have given up? This year is the right time to fix it. One idea would be a nice campsite in Sardinia! This wonderful island is considered a true paradise known all over the world. A [...]

Holiday in Sant'Antioco, south-west of Sardinia
Why choose a vacation in Sant'Antioco at Camping Tonnara? Sant'Antioco is an island, south-west of Sardinia. By many is considered the best glimpse of the sea of Sardinia, very clean and very clear indeed that reveals the depth. If you choose to enjoy a holiday in Sant'Antioco you will be immersed [...]

A magical weekend in Sardinia
Are you tired and weary from work ? Are you staring at the gray and cloudy sky from the window of your office ? Take a break and spend a relaxing weekend in Sardinia with those you hold most dear. Everything you have always dreamed of, will become reality! Hot sun, clean sea, gentle breeze, [...]

Choose your next holiday in Sardinia
The long, cold winter, the work and the routine of everyday stress to us and our minds are running non-stop to the free time and summer. If you're already thinking about the next well-deserved break, why not consider the possibility of a holiday in Sardinia? Maybe you have not yet had the [...]

Leave for a holiday on a campsite in Sardinia
Do you need and feel like going on holiday? Do you love the beautiful sea and you cannot wait to plan your beautiful and well-deserved summer break? So, the answer is only one: a camping in Sardinia. Who does not know the beautiful Italian island, famous worldwide for its beautiful coasts, the [...]

Enjoy even a weekend in Sardinia
Italy is one of the most popular in the world for its many geographical beauty, art and more. It's a place that contains everything you could want: art, history, hill, lake, mountain and sea. By the way, have you ever spent even a weekend in Sardinia? If you've never been there, we guarantee that [...]

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