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Holiday in Sardinia

Camping in Sardinia and the many organized tours
If you're not in the category of vacationers who enjoy pure relaxation and sweet idleness, Tonnara Camping in Sardinia offers you a perfect holiday: here is the many excursions and trips to discover the beauty of nature and of our country during your stay!
Let's start with the dominant [...]

Holidays with your dog in Sardinia, here they are!
Are you already thinking about the summer holidays? You want to choose the perfect destination? If you have a four-legged friend do not give up his company, look for an appropriate structure that offers wonderful holidays with your dog, maybe in Sardinia, as Tonnara camping. That's right, [...]

A romantic weekend in Sardinia
Are you in debt with your partner and don’t you know how to fix it? Or is a special occasion getting closer and are you thinking about which present to do?
If you find yourself in this situation, Camping Tonnara suggests you to organize a romantic weekend in Sardinia, staying in one of the [...]

Economical and high-quality holiday: mobile homes in Sardinia
Why continue to make the bitter blood trying to choose between hotels and campsites, when at Tonnara Camping are available  brand new mobile homes in Sardinia surrounded by unspoilt nature and equipped with every comfort?
This is the reality! Tonnara Camping, on the peninsula of [...]

Unique holiday in the south of Sardinia between the mining sites
If you are planning a holiday in the south of Sardinia, there are two advises we can give: the first concerns the accommodation. Camping Tonnara in the beautiful island of Sant'Antioco is a wonderful solution for your stay. Located in a dreamful corner of nature offers quality accommodation [...]

A camping in Sardinia to make a dream true.
The holidays in a camping in Sardinia have never been so close. Everyone think always to the bright blue Sardinian sea such a dream, unattainable, but it is not like that.
Tonnara Camping in Sardinia, precisely in Sant'Antioco, is a structure suitable for everyone holidays, it has created, [...]

Holiday in Sardinia: the end of the school!
How to celebrate the end of the school during the summer? What is the ideal destination for a group of young people? We have no doubt, Tonnara resort in Sardinia in Sant'Antioco, southwest of the larger island.
Which services could you find inside? First we talk about the beach, the [...]

Valid reasons to choose our bungalows in Sardinia
Why choose a bungalow in Sardinia for next summer? The reasons are so many ... let's start right away with the territory, the beautiful Sardinia, uncontaminated land, dominated by nature typical of the Mediterranean, overlooking on the infinite expanse of the sea. Tonnara camping, which [...]

Family holidays in Sardinia
When you have a large family, find a location for the holidays is very difficult for two reasons: first of all an economic fact, then as a matter of different tastes. How to reconcile all without lightening your wallet too? Very simple, you have to choose a great family holiday in Sardinia as [...]

The specialties of camping in Sardinia
Sardinia is famous for its nightlife, for its unspoilt nature and the gastronomy. The wine, the cheese, the porceddu ... but how can we forget the bread? Here, at the Tonnara camping in Sardinia you can taste the typical dishes of the area and discover how to make traditional Sardinian [...]

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