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The climate of Sant'Antioco is defined by wikipedia as a warm Mediterranean. The winters are cool, wet, windy sometimes. Summer is hot and dry, though with more moderate temperatures due to the proximity of the sea and the wind or the fresh sea breeze, with virtually no rainfall. With the first rains, usually in October, the island begins to be covered with vegetation, the green predominates: the blooms are early, some lasting almost throughout the year. In February, the fruit trees are all in bloom, meadows and hills are tinged with yellow by the various species of mimosa. Spring is an explosion of colors: the yellow flowers of “gold flowers”, of santolina, helichrysum and broom, the white of daisies, daffodils (formerly regarded as the lily symbolizes purity and used for brides at weddings), hawthorn, even wonderful and fragrant lilies along the sea beaches, the purple of the wild saffron, lilies of the poor, borage, wild lavender, the pale pink of convolvulus and the mallow and the intense pink of gladiola and the various species of orchid, the bright red of poppies, the orange and purple of the chickweed, the cistus in various shades of white, pink, yellow, heather with his veins, to name just some of the wild species that can be seen around Camping Tonnara. 


It's a season that is worth admiring and photographing in Sardinia. The varieties of milkweed blooming with their yellow acid: one of them, that in the Sardinian dialect is called "lua" continues its flowering and by the drought the leaves and flowers are tinged gradually orange and fiery red, coloring the mountains like the strokes of an artist. And then the intense fragrance of herbs, and also wild flowers, sage, rosemary, lavender ... Everywhere reigns the evergreen Mediterranean maquis, juniper, wild olive, mastic tree, Phillyrea, myrtle, arbutus, prickly, often with branches twisted and bent by the wind, in summer the grass in the meadows, before blooming, later dried up, and the fragrant essences become hostess that with the heat release all their flavor. In autumn the flowers turn into fruits and berries, another explosion of colors: the red of the mastic tree, the white of Phillyrea, the changing color that starts from the green turns to red and then to the black of juniper, wild olive, myrtle, , and then the yellow and orange of the arbutus. The rainbow (often multiple) in the sky in autumn and spring with the background of the postcard-picture that Sardinia offers is a scenery not to be missed. And in spring and autumn the temperature is delightful, uncrowded beaches, swimming is possible from May to October (the water temperature never goes under 14 degrees and during the summer reach maximum 27 degrees), but foreign tourists accustomed to northern climates can go even further. Spring and autumn are the most suitable for lovers of hiking, walking, horse riding, bicycle, mountain bike, the summer is more suitable for water sports, and sports in the wind are almost always practicable. There is always a good season in Sardinia, to suit your tastes.

And Camping Tonnara, for the full enjoyment of your senses, is open from April to October for a holiday in Sardinia as you never imagined.