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Sant'Antioco and Sulcis Iglesiente

Events and Traditions
In Sant'Antioco takes place the famous Festival of Sant 'Antioco Martyr, celebrated three times a year: the most important religious festival, recognized at the regional level, among the thirteen major, perhaps the oldest. The first takes place 15 days after Easter, the second on August  1, the third on November 13 (culture, shows, rides and pairs), Fireworks, wonderful history parades with floats, costumes, folk bands, songs and dances). In Sulcis Iglesiente is celebrated the Mauritanian marriage, the festival Manna Tratalias, in honor of the Virgin of Montserrat (the city of Tratalias has a beautiful cathedral which deserves a visit, the Girotonno Carloforte, Holy Week in Iglesias, but also the famous jazz and blues festival (the Narcao Blues and jazz at St. Anna Arresi), fusion, concerts, readings , colorful and playful rituals, traditional dances and symbolic representations, village festivals with music and wine tasting.

A generous land and sea, together with the ancient Sardinian traditions are the source of fine food and wine of Sant'Antioco and Sulcis Iglesiente. First of all the tuna is the king of the table and protagonist of the famous Girotonno  in Carloforte; the dried and canned fish, the oil, mainly sheep and goat cheeses, the artichoke, the asphodel honey, chestnut and thistle,  torrone (nougat), Carignano Doc del Sulcis, the scent of myrtle. At the restaurant of Camping Tonnara you can taste all these products with a great attention to quality, freshness,  according to ancient recipes of Sant’Antioco handed down from generation to generation: su pilau, the “fregola” (local pasta) of Sardinia, the smoked fish, bread carasau, tuna in its many forms, the sheep, the malloreddus, pasta typical of Campidanese, the sweet seadas, ravioli with ricotta cheese to taste with honey for dessert, the miraculous local wines, to name just a few of the wonders to be enjoyed with sunset views of Cala Sapone. Do not miss the pizza, the main dish of Italian tradition, in its local variants. And in the Market of Camping Tonnara you will find the same products for sale to prolong the taste of your holiday in Sardinia...