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Your nature holiday in the Campsite of Sardinia

To all the birds' lovers: this campsite of Sardinia is the perfect place

Are you already imagining and wishing the place where you will spend your next holiday?
Holiday seem far but you can take 5 minutes and book a trip you'll remember over the following months: Tonnara, the campsite in Sardinia is in the region of Carbonia-Iglesias, and it is situated in Sant'Antioco. Nestled in a palette of cold colors: the blue sea and the green of the surrounding vegetation, the light blue of the sky and the gray rocks, it hides a really curious surprise: in the Saline there is in fact an ecosystem calling numerous species of birds, such as cormorants, the Avocet, Coot, grey heron, the Knight of Italy, little egret and the wonderful pink Flamingo dyeing the whole atmosphere of its warm shades. And so a campsite in Sardinia Southwest becomes a great life experience! According to the season, flocks of birds switch places between the creeks of this wonderful island, leaving the tourists breathless! This campsite in Sardinia is truly an inviting place for many types of people, from lovers of nature to photographers curious to see these species in their corner of freedom. You can sit back and enjoy a unique show offered by our campsite in Sardinia!