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Weekend in Sardinia: a taste of weekend in Sardinia

The stress of work and the many daily tasks make us nervous and prevents us from living peacefully. When you feel the need to get away and take some time for you, choose to live a wonderful weekend in Sardinia. That's right, sometimes we need to pull the plug and leave the traffic and noise of the city. Not always work permits it to us, but no one can stop us from spending a lovely week end in Sardinia. The camping Tonnara, located in the far south west of Sardinia, in S. Antioco, offers you magical moments to relax and rejuvenate.

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You have a wide range of units to choose the most convenient to you and many services to meet all requirements (including a restaurant, a pizzeria, a supermarket and much more..). What you need to do is just relax and enjoy these special landscapes that only a week end in Sardinia can let you know: the great Mediterranean Sea, which starts from the infinite, the warm sun that is reflected on the surface and plays with the waves , the large and unlimited smooth reefs, the beautiful natural caves ... all this awaits you if you choose our weekend in Sardinia. It will be just a small taste of a long holiday but maybe you can indulge in summer will be full of emotion and energy. Do not wait any longer, do not give your well-being and choose Tonnara for a wonderful weekend in Sardinia.

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