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Weekend in Sardinia for Easter 2019

Yes; of course. Camping Tonnara is open even for Easter, from April 21st onwards!

You have promised yourself for a long time to give yourself a weekend in Sardinia and you still haven't been able to put your proposal into practice? Well, new year, new life, isn't it? No more hesitation, 2019 is the right year to finally discover this corner of paradise. Keep reading and we are sure that you will run to book your weekend in Sardinia!

Weekend in Sardinia in the spring

When we talk about Sardinia, it is obvious that everybody thinks of sun, beaches and crystal clear sea. But we can guarantee you that it is truly a privilege to visit it when nature is not yet burnt by the sun, when landscapes reveal all their wild nature and - an absolutely non-negligible factor - when high season mass tourism is yet to emerge! Think how wonderful is to witness the spectacle in blooming nature, with the typical colors and scents of spring, with days that get longer, sunny and with the mild climate. There is no need to add much more, is it, to convince you that a spring weekend in Sardinia is really an amazing idea?

Weekend in Sardinia for Easter 2019

Easter 2019 will fall on Sunday 21st April and at Camping Tonnara we are ready to welcome you from Saturday the 20th, the day set for the reopening after winter break. So you can take advantage of the Easter holidays to organize your weekend in Sardinia, exactly one month after the first day spring, when our island will be at its peak! There are many traditions that characterize this period: from Easter religious rites, to the various festivals that take place in the area. In short, Easter is truly the ideal time to organize your weekend in Sardinia, to discover uncontaminated nature and timeless traditions. And if the weather is favorable, we are sure you can also enjoy the first bath of the season!

Weekend in Sardinia to discover the nuraghes

Camping Tonnara is located on the island of Sant 'Antioco, in the very south-west of Sardinia: it is a non-isolated island in the sense that it is connected to the mainland by an artificial isthmus and a bridge. You will have the chance to finally visit the nuraghes you have heard so much about: on the "island" in fact there are dozens of these very famous truncated cone-shaped stone buildings. There are many archaeological sites to be discovered during your weekend in Sardinia at Camping Tonnara: we mention among others the nuragic basin of Grutti 'e Acqua and Corongiu Murvonis, the Domus de Janas, the houses of fairies or witches, so they used to be called but they actually were prehistoric burials, the tombs of the Giants.. And photography enthusiasts can't miss a tour to Torre Canai, venue of Italia Nostra Association, one of the most scenic sites on the island, from which it is possible take spectacular snapshots.
The island of Sant’Antioco and Camping Tonnara are ready to welcome you and make your weekend in Sardinia unforgettable. What are you waiting for? Contact us to reserve now!