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Valid reasons to choose our bungalows in Sardinia

Cheap, comfortable and located in a very special place ... here are the bungalows in Sardinia in Camping Tonnara. Please contact us for any further information and to book your bungalow in Sardinia!

Why choose a bungalow in Sardinia for next summer? The reasons are so many ... let's start right away with the territory, the beautiful Sardinia, uncontaminated land, dominated by nature typical of the Mediterranean, overlooking on the infinite expanse of the sea. Tonnara camping, which gives you access to these bungalows in Sardinia, is located in Sant'Antioco, in the extreme south-west of the island, in front of the Cala Sapone inlet and, for many tourists, this is the most beautiful glimpse of the great sea . You do not have to give up any comforts, our bungalows in Sardinia are equipped with all the comforts you are used to at home, comfortably and essential furnished, ready to make your stay extra special. Everyone has a double bed and a bunk bed or a sofa bed in the living room, a convenient kitchenette, bathroom and terrace from which to enjoy a unique landscape in the world. The third reason why it is advantageous to rent a bungalow in Sardinia at Tonnara camping is cheap, at a time of crisis like this not everyone can afford luxurious and expensive holidays ... and especially here for a small fee you can expect a great stay in a truly breathtaking place! What do you think? Are you convinced? If you still have any doubt visit our website and look at the images in the gallery, we're sure you'll be impressed! Please contact us for further information and to request availability!