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Unique holiday in the south of Sardinia between the mining sites

If your passion are history and archeology, organize a holiday in the south of Sardinia to visit our mine sites. During your holiday in the south of Sardinia stay in Sant'Antioco at Tonnara camping and from there to reach mining sites will be simple

If you are planning a holiday in the south of Sardinia, there are two advises we can give: the first concerns the accommodation. Camping Tonnara in the beautiful island of Sant'Antioco is a wonderful solution for your stay. Located in a dreamful corner of nature offers quality accommodation and a intensive program of sporting and cultural activities.
We would also like to suggest to you, to spend a day visiting the mines, not to be missed if you choose to spend your holiday in the south of Sardinia.
In the south-western Sardinia, there are several mining sites including the area of Iglesias, the complex of Laveria La Marmora is one of the most interesting because it is set like a jewel in the mountains and was once the site of sorters, responsible for selection of gemstones and their washing. The laundry was then connected with the underlying ovens, in direct contact with the beautiful sea, another essential element during your holiday in the South of Sardinia.
In the same area you can visit the complex of Porto Flavia, built in 1924, digging in the mountain for more than 600 meters, and building two underground tunnels.
Finally, the Cave of Santa Barbara, also near Iglesias, where there are also guided tours: an electric train will take you in the cave and you can watch the tabular crystals of barytes a unique example in the area, as unique will be your holiday in the south of Sardinia discovering the historic mining sites.