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Tourist Village in Sardinia and enogastronomy

Tourist village in Sardinia and great culinary tradition: cous cous against fregola!

There are three strengths of Sardinia: tourism, sea and good food. Sardinian cuisine is a rich and ancient heritage of flavors, and is deeply characterized by the combination of natural products from the land and the sea: dishes of ancient pastoral and peasant tradition are combined, in fact, to those of marine origin, whose taste is emphasized by the aromas and fragrances of the Mediterranean island essences. In this regard, a tourist village in Sardinia represents one of the most popular accommodation facilities for tourists - we can say without fear of contradiction, that it is probably the most appreciated - because, besides allowing you to stay in enchanting places, facing the sea, it allows its guests to learn about the surroundings of the destinations chosen for their holidays, as well as the local food and wine. Then follow us on this mini tour to discover the culinary pleasures offered by a tourist village in Sardinia such as Camping Tonnara!

A tourist village in Sardinia with its own restaurant

Camping Tonnara is a tourist village in Sardinia with a pizzeria, open all season, and a restaurant - also open all season - which offers take-away dishes of the whole menu for light snacks, but also typical Sardinian dinners, whose ingredients are made up of fresh and genuine products coming from the territory.

But what exactly do you eat in a resort village restaurant in Sardinia? If you have never heard of it, it is time to get to know the queen of the table: ladies and gentlemen here is the Sardinian fregola! It is a typical pasta, made up of small balls of durum wheat bread and water, manually made and toasted in the oven. Precisely because of its shape, it is often referred to as Italian cous cous or Sardinian cous cous, due to its resemblance to the typical Middle Eastern dish.
The chefs of the tourist village Camping Tonnara advise you without any doubt to try it with clams. The dish is characteristic of the south coast of the island and it is served on a base of crunchy carasau bread, the famous Sardinian specialty that we all know, consisting only of durum wheat semolina and water. Don't you already feel yearning, the frenzy - the fregola, indeed, as an Italian idiom says! - to taste it? And if you're wondering what kind of drink to combine with it, well, the white flavors of fregola with clams go along with a white wine, possibly sparkling and delicate, such as Vermentino Doc from Sardinia. What else can we add? Enjoy your meal!


A tourist village in Sardinia for your food and wine holiday

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), food and wine tourism is a rapidly growing segment. Let's give some numbers: in Europe there are at least 600,000 holidays dedicated to food and wine and over 20 million tours that include food and wine activities. What are the reasons behind this success? Certainly the fact that food and wine are the typical expressions of a given territory, of the people who live there and of its traditions and, at the same time, elements of identification and differentiation with respect to any other. In simple terms, the food and wine culture is experienced as an integral part of the more widely understood one. Our tourist village in Sardinia is ready to welcome you to let you live this experience. What are you waiting for? We are here to make you taste our succulent specialties!