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The best gift: weekend holidays in Sardinia

All the advantages you will have in spending a weekend at the beach that will take you to summer season

Also for this year, we can say that the winter holiday period is over, but certainly not the season itself! In these first weeks of January we have witnessed the advent of snow, which perhaps makes us already wish for a new holiday, but which certainly makes us think of the milder climates that we meet with the advancing spring and with the arrival of summer. So if your mind is already projecting you towards the warmer months, imagining the pleasure of a period entirely dedicated to your relaxation and fun, we have a proposal that you cannot refuse! Why not immediately allow yourself small moments of relaxation during the first weekends of the more temperate seasons? Yes, we are talking about immersing yourself in a weekend in Sardinia by the end of April and the beginning of May, a great way to start enjoying the first intense rays of sun right away. Are you wondering how to take this opportunity? Don't worry, in this article you will find all the information to organize the perfect small format holiday.

Which accommodation to choose for a dream weekend in Sardinia?

Let's start immediately with the location that can host you during all the weekends you want from April to October, without interruptions and with all the advantages of entertainment and relaxation services. We are talking about Tonnara Camping, located on the island of Sant'Antioco, the best structure where you can spend your weekends in Sardinia. The campsite offers various accommodation options, so that everyone's needs can be met. If you want to spend the end of your working week in a relaxed way, our advice is to opt for one of our accommodations on site, so as to relieve yourself of the commitment to assemble and disassemble tents and gazebos, in order to fully enjoy the time that you will spend here. Sardinia is in fact a region rich in traditions, which will enchant you with its culinary specialties and the entertainment of folkloristic events.

Is it possible to book your weekend in Sardinia in advance?

The answer is yes! One of the biggest advantages that you can enjoy is to benefit by booking your dream weekend right now. This will guarantee you:
● absolute availability of the various accommodations to choose from
● possibility to spend less on flights and ferries using the offers active before the summer season
● less stress in the future, both because you have already organized everything and for the holiday itself
But that's not all because in the event of unforeseen events and the need to change the dates initially chosen, you can rely on travel insurance that will allow you to reschedule your stay. What are you waiting for? Book now your weekend in Sardinia, through the simple and quick online booking system. We are waiting for you!