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The best bungalows in Sardinia? Obviously at Camping Tonnara.

Bungalow in Sardinia at Camping Tonnara: a dream holiday.Camping Tonnara in Sardinia is pleased to receive you to Cala Sapone ... welcome.

In the very south-west of Sardinia - land of nuraghi -, more precisely in Sant'Antioco, the Camping Tonnara overlooks the magnificent cove of Cala Sapone, thanks to its privileged and extraordinary position with direct access to the sea: imagine a stunning sandy beach, enclosed between two crowns of smooth and pleasantly practicable rocks, as if they were natural pools where to plunge and bathe in full safety, without forgetting that the campsite, inside, also has a fresh water pool, with different depths, suitable for both children and adults.

We are therefore immersed in a unique place in the world, where you can breathe the magic of a millenary history: from the Nuragic peoples to the Romans, passing through the Phoenicians, each of them has left its legacy in monuments, traditions and food and wine culture. You will be catapulted into the wonder of a wild, varied and surprising nature, in the warm southern sun, where every season of the year has its keen beauty.
You can alternate leisure, sport, culture and entertainment with moments of quiet and relaxation, light years away from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life, savoring the freedom of outdoor life and the contact with nature, without sacrificing the pleasure of each comfort: treat yourself to the luxury of time spent in a genuine environment, let yourself be embraced by our hospitality in order to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Camping Tonnara: characteristics and advantages of our bungalows

Camping Tonnara has wonderful bungalows in Sardinia arranged both as studio apartments and as two-room apartments to offer its customers the opportunity to choose what they prefer. Now you might wonder: why choose to spend your holidays in bungalows rather than in hotels? Simple! Choosing to stay in a bungalow brings many advantages, let's see them together:

1. Privacy: this type of structure requires quite large pieces of land to be adequately constructed. This brings more privacy and serenity to vacationers; the latter will in fact be able to enjoy the days in total relaxation and, above all, they will be able to sit on the terrace to admire the splendid bay of Cala Sapone.

2. Accessibility: for all those who have some small health ailments or are simply tired of climbing the stairs to get to the bedroom, a bungalow is what will be suitable for you! With all the services and rooms on the same floor, this type of accommodation allows everyone to easily access to it and enjoy a comfortable stay.

3. Open Space Design: thanks to their type of construction, the bungalows generally have the possibility of being provided with large windows. This is certainly not a trivial matter, as the space will seem much more airy and bright.

4. Suitable for children: how many times, at home, we found ourselves in moments of great concern when our children were walking up the stairs alone or playing upstairs? Well, choosing our studio apartment bungalows you will have no more problems and your children will have fun in total freedom and safety.

These are just some of the countless benefits that a bungalow holiday can bring. So what are you waiting for? Organize your holiday and contact us for more information!