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The advantages of booking mobile homes in Sardinia

Do not give up on the comforts of our mobile homes, good food and the tranquility of the place ... book now the mobile homes in Sardinia overlooking the sea of Camping Tonnara.

Welcome to Sulcis Inglesiente: here is the wonderful south-west of Sardinia surrounding our Camping Tonnara! This little paradise on earth awaits you to spend a wonderful holiday of relax, rest and tasty dishes.
Today we will talk in detail about the mobile homes in Sardinia proposed to its guests by Camping Tonnara in Sant'Antioco. Follow us to discover them!

Mobile homes in Sardinia: the right compromise between tents and apartments

Let’s say we refer to a couple where he loves the freedom and naturalness offered by a tent, while she would prefer the comforts of a fully equipped apartment. This is obviously just an example, and it is clear that the opposite situation could very well be! However, why argue and ruin the holiday before you even leave, or worse, afford to blow it off?  The mobile homes in Sardinia of Camping Tonnara are the right in-between that can meet the needs of both the components of our hypothetical couple: they are, in fact, finely furnished, have a personal bathroom, a kitchen and, at the same time, a outdoor space that allows you to maintain contact with the surrounding nature, which is one of the main reasons that push people to spend their coveted and deserved camping holidays.

The various types of mobile homes in Sardinia proposed by Camping Tonnara

Camping Tonnara offers its guests different types of mobile homes in Sardinia, in order to meet all needs, from those of couples to those of larger families or groups of friends. In particular we offer the following housing solutions:

• CAPRI mobile home (maximum 2 + 1 beds, about 17m2)

• ELBA mobile home (max 4 + 1 persons, about 25 m2)

• AMETISTA ALPITOUR mobile home (max 4 + 2 persons, about 25/30 m2)

• ANASTASIA mobile home (maximum 6 + 1 persons, about 32 m2)

All the mentioned mobile homes are finely furnished and looked after: they are equipped with a kitchenette - complete with pots and pans, sink, four burner stove, fridge with freezer - a bathroom with shower, a covered wooden veranda, chairs, outdoor tables and chairs for lunches, dinners and postprandial relaxation! It is possible to have air conditioning on request. Do you want to take a virtual look at our mobile homes?

Mobile homes in Sardinia: why not try them during Easter?

Camping Tonnara, after the winter break, is ready to reopen its doors to its guests on the occasion of Easter 2019, on Saturday 20th April. Sardinia - and the island of Sant'Antioco in particular - will welcome you with open arms, ready to surprise you: the Sardinian Holy Week is, in fact, littered with rituals, processions, choral moments of great impact and evocative strength, all intimately linked to the traditional ceremonies spread on the island by the Spanish culture and rooted in the seventeenth century. Take few days of leisure in our mobile homes in Sardinia.
Consult our price list and then make a reservation by clicking here, or contact us by calling us on the fixed phone number 0781 809058, or by sending an email to mail@camping-tonnara.it. We are at your disposal for any information!