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Mobile homes in Sardinia total relax

Mobile homes in Sardinia and mud therapy, only with clay from our sea.

Have you decided to spend your holidays in one of the mobile homes in Sardinia of Camping Tonnara? You have made the best choice, this magic heaven  surrounded by nature is the ideal place to escape from the mess of the city and spend some days to rest and relax.
Why don’t you try and  take advantage from special treatments with seaweeds and muds coming from the sea of Sardinia? Nowadays there are many thermal baths and SPA offering these kind of massages, using the clays coming  from our sea in order to have  unique and wonderful results. Do you know the effects of the mud therapy? If you haven’t tried it, it’s the moment!
Some massage in a spa, a great vacation in one of our mobile homes in Sardinia, suntan at the beach, a swim in the pool, an aperitif and a dinner by candle light…what else? Your sweetheart will be very happy.
So, what to do? Book in advance the vacation in one of our mobile homes in Sardinia and then our staff will answer to all your requests. Every kind of activity you wish to do, our reception is there for you. To have more information just contact us!