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It is shortly for your first weekend in Sardinia

Camping Tonnara awaits you on Saturday 18th April for a spring weekend in Sardinia, relaxing and joyful.

Running short of time, we arrived towards the end of this long winter ... soon the spring will begin to color and fragrance our days, to bring us gently to the long-awaited summer. Are you waiting for the right time to spend your first weekend in Sardinia? Pending the high season, do you need to take a break from work and live  few days of relaxation? No problem, Camping Tonnara in Sant'Antioco will open Saturday, April 18 2015 and will be happy to accommodate you in their bungalows, mobile homes and tents.
The weekend in Sardinia allows you to pull the plug, even if for few days. This short stay will be only the "appetizer" of your true summer holiday, though useful to relax, find harmony and serenity. Three days dedicated to the first tan on the beach, to the discovery of a unique landscape, to relax by the pool ... immersed in the spring of our beautiful island. Do not underestimate the importance of living a weekend in Sardinia during the spring, we guarantee that it will be good for body and soul!
To book your stay at Camping Tonnara you just have to write to our reception and ask for the availability of a bungalow or a mobile home for a weekend in Sardinia! For all other information (transport, activities, excursions etc.) call us!.