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Holidays in Sardinia: things to do and to see

A guide to discover the wonderful Sardinian island of nature, culture, gastronomy and different accommodations: tips for your holidays in Sardinia by Camping Tonnara.

The holiday organization always starts from finding the right place we would like to visit, in order to discover the different attractions it offers. If you are surfing the net to understand what are the things to do and to see on a holiday in Sardinia, this article is for you! Let's immerse ourselves together in the magical atmosphere of this region full of surprises, in order to see how to have fun and relax during our well-deserved holidays.

Holidays in Sardinia: 1. things to see

The landscaping aspect of the region is one of the most renowned attractions. During your holiday in Sardinia, the thing to do and see as soon as you arrive will necessarily be to go to one of the wonderful beaches on the entire perimeter of the island, to cool off and immediately enjoy the beauty of the coves and the nature of the place. The possibilities are endless and each beach has different characteristics, so as to make the day you spend in the fresh water of the Mediterranean always new. If you are traveling with your four-legged friends, do not worry! The beaches that will welcome them are numerous and you will also be able you to enjoy all the diversity of the island's landscape.

Holidays in Sardinia: 2. things to do

In the list of what to do and what to see on your holiday in Sardinia, one thing that cannot be missed is the folkloristic village festivals. The region is in fact very rich in ancient traditions and boasts a very large number of village festivals that mark still today the rhythms of the communities present in the area. Each festival is a symbol of different traditions and that is why we advise you to live them fully if your desire is to immerse yourself in the true Sardinian spirit. Depending on the village you are in, you can admire the variety of traditional dresses and folk songs that will transport you to a dimension that brings with it centuries of history. At the same time, we recommend that you visit the picturesque views that the various cities paint with their characteristic architectures.

Holidays in Sardinia: 3. what to eat

Each Italian region is known for its gastronomy which makes it known all over the world. Sardinia is certainly no exception and during your stay, you will be able to taste the specialties of the island tradition. Among these you will find a variety of:
- cheese such as pecorino, canestrato and Fiore Sardo
- bread, the most famous of which is certainly the Pane carasau
- wines and spirits including the renowned Cannonau and the famous mirto liquor.
The combination of all these flavours will take you to the heart of the region, allowing you to experience a 360 ° experience that will make you fall in love with your stay and all the wonderful things to do and to see during your holiday in Sardinia.