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Holidays in Sardinia: Su Mannau caves

Holidays in Sardinia: a stop at Su Mannau caves. Heritage of great speleological, archaeological and naturalistic value.

Our campsite officially started the 2020 tourist season on July 1, and after a few days, many guests gave us all that unique smiles and emotions that we missed so much. After a long period of stop and great sadness, the time has come to restart, to go back to life and enjoy this wonderful summer that already seems to be very hot. And what could be better than a nice holiday in Sardinia, fully immersed in nature, to recover energy?
Camping Tonnara is located in Sant'Antioco, in the very south of island, directly overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a truly privileged position. You can enjoy your whole stay in the village without getting bored, or visiting many beautiful breathtaking natural places.

Holiday in Sardinia: tours to the Su Mannau Caves

Today we would like to talk about the caves Su Mannau, an unmissable stop during your stay at the Camping Tonnara in Sardinia. Where are Su Mannau caves located? These truly magical caves are in the territory of Fluminimaggiore, next to the mines of Inglesiente and close to Costa Verde, southwest of the island. This is a site of great archaeological and speleological importance, not forgetting to underline the naturalistic beauty you will find before your eyes.
It is a karst complex carved 540 million years ago that never stops its evolution. An 8 km route in the heart of the earth, divided into two branches characterized by two different rivers, embellished with a majestic archaeological room and a hypogeum temple from the prenuragic era. An excursion among suspended walkways, waterfalls and ponds of with crystal clear water, unique in the world, to be experienced with the whole family.

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