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Holiday with your dog in Sardinia: Tonnara Camping is pet-friendly.

Holiday with your dog in Sardinia: Tonnara camping says yes! Get organized and everything will be beautiful.

Holiday with your dog in Sardinia, yes or not? Bring Fido with the family or better opt for a pet hotel?
Who lives with a dog is unlikely to be able to let it at home alone for the holidays, especially if no one at can take care of it.
But what's the problem? Just take some expedients, get informed, find the right accomodation and there won't be negative points...to your holiday with your dog in Sardinia, Camping Tonnara says YES!
Camping Tonnara in Sant'Antioco is a big resort in the south of Sardinia, it is definitely pet-friendly. This means that your puppies will be welcome here, following of course few clear rules, whilst respecting all: people and places. Get information about transportation in order to let Fido travel with you on the airplane, check to have with you all the necessary papers and after your veterinarian gives you the ok, go! We are waiting for you for your holiday with your dog in Sardinia.

Obviously, we suggest you to organize a program in which your four-legged friend is always (or almost) included, consider thus places and activities to which the dog can participate that it would never be alone in a new place causing suffering to it. For the rest, have fun!