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Holiday with the dog in Sardinia: just be organized

Holiday with the dog in Sardinia..it will be relaxing but funny, sportive but according the food and wine tradition

Now we can really start the count down. Only few days left and we can finally say welcome back spring! This season of the year is one that, more than any other, makes us rediscover the desire for contact with nature. Maybe is the mild temperature, maybe the scents of trees, plants and flowers, maybe the explosion of colors: what is certain is that the desire to detach from the routine and daily troubles, even to leave the offices for a weekend with their paperwork, it is felt with impetus in these days! But we cannot neglect to think of our four-legged friends and it is actually about a holiday with dogs in Sardinia that the next paragraphs talks about. Follow us, then!

Holiday with dogs in Sardinia: stop feeling guilty!

Who knows how many times you have found yourself giving up travelling to avoid leaving your puppies in some miserable kennel, unloved and without pampering, or feeling guilty because you did it. Well, know that none of this will happen again as a holiday with dogs in Sardinia is not only possible, but it is a reality: at Camping Tonnara, in fact, your dogs are welcome, whether they are S or XXL size! You just have to agree with the management and respect the concerning rules (see for example the list of dangerous dog breeds). In any case, for the tranquility of all Camping guests, do not forget to use leash and muzzle.

Holiday with dogs Sardinia: the various means of transport

Let your holiday with dogs in Sardinia be an unforgettable moment and not a source of stress, we will provide you with some preliminary information to consider when planning it. If you think to reach our wonderful island by boat, be aware that Sardinia Ferries and Grandi Navi Veloci offer the possibility of bringing your animals into the cabin. If you travel at night, this translates into the opportunity to tackle together the hours the crossing. Not bad, is it? During your stay on board, be sure to:

● Always keep your dog with you
● help him not to get lost (it is always better to have a picture that could be useful, never take the collar or the race bib off and add to it a medal with your phone number)
● listen to it when it barks, whines or howls: it could mean that it is not well and its behavior could also annoy other passengers
● Make him wear a muzzle and keep put him on a leash in public spaces
● clean up after him

If, on the other hand, you plan to reach Sardinia by plane, we inform you that Alitalia and Air Italy allow you to bring dogs on board, but under certain conditions. We therefore invite you to visit the official websites of the Companies, where you will find all the necessary information. At the moment, however, EasyJet and Ryanair do not allow flying with animals.
Last but not least: before travelling do not forget to take your friend to the vet, to make sure he is in a good state of health, and remember to pack his health booklet, a supply of food and the bowls for water and food. With these simple tricks the holiday with dogs in Sardinia will not encounter any obstacle and will end up right in the album of the best memories!

Choose between different accommodations during your holiday with your dog in Sardinia

When we travel with our four-legged friends, it is right to take into account the needs of all family members, including their needs! While choosing the accommodation to stay during your holiday with your dog in Sardinia, it will therefore be essential to opt for the most suitable and comfortable solution for you and your trusted friend. Knowing that every dog has different characteristics, Camping Tonnara offers you a wide choice of accommodation, from the one that is more like a home, to the one that recalls the more typical camping tents. You can then choose between:

mobile homes
● coco sweet and bungalow tents
Each of these solutions will allow you to better enjoy your holiday with your dog in Sardinia, without having to worry about stressing yourself or your four-legged companion. The accommodations allow a peaceful rest and a safe space to put your pet at ease. Do not forget to bring any blankets and pillows they are used to sleep on and you will have the best holiday ever!
We remind you of the possibility of booking pitches for campers or tents, so if your dog is already used to travel with these solutions, you will be able to welcome him thanks to your equipment. If you prefer to travel light, book now your accommodation on the campsite!
For any information, do not hesitate to contact us!