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Holiday in the south of Sardinia, when?

The holiday in the south of Sardinia in the summer, spring or autumn? You choose ...

What is the best time to spend a holiday in the south of Sardinia?
SUMMER: the hot season is definitely a favorite of tourists ... spectacular tans on the beach, funny diving in the water of the great Mediterranean Sea, wonderful climate mitigated by the sea breeze, major events and festivals in the country ... what more can you ask for?
SPRING: Also the spring has her great charm, a holiday in the south of Sardinia during this season means to discover the nature with its colors and scents to 360 degrees. If you love the unspoiled landscapes and large expanses of green, the natural caves and crystal clear waters ... you are right here.
AUTUMN: the period following the summer is really intense, it’s still not cold but not too hot anymore ... if you do not like the crowds and chaos of tourists, come for your holiday in the south of Sardinia in autumn! You can still swim, sunbathe, enjoy the beautiful scenery, but without finding yourself immersed in the crowd!
Tonnara camping is the perfect resort for those who want a great holiday in the south of Sardinia. We are located in Sant'Antioco, in front of Cala Sapone. Are you ready to spend unforgettable days? Contact us to book and for more information on accommodations dedicated to you.