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Holiday in Sardinia

Mobile homes in Sardinia and family size holiday!
School holidays are just around the corner and summer is coming. Spending some time on holiday with family have great benefits on children: it helps them to develop socially and emotionally, generating  a new attitude towards life and others. For most of the people,  traveling has very [...]

Vacation in the south of Sardinia
The Sardinia is like a history without words. Its natural beaches and coves carry from thousand years, hidden in the sand, the secrets of the nuragici ancestors, that they have left to the posterity many cultural and historical traditions, forming the base of the today civilization . From north to [...]

Holiday in Sardinia
The discovery of Sardinia as destination of great tourist call is enough recent, thanks, for big part, to the intuition of ismailita prince Aga Khan, who in the 60 years practically “invented” the Smeralda Coast. That tourism, that provoked the birth, from nothing, of a lot of characteristic [...]

Sardinia in camper
A Sardinia vacation is still more special if you use a camper. Camper it is the best way to enjoy the directed contact with the nature, and Sardinia is the ideal place where to find this contact. With the camper you can decide in the morning which it will be the destination of the day, you don’t [...]

Holiday in Sardinia: Sardinia is the ideal destination for your holidays to the sea
Sardinia has very old origins, going back to 300 million years ago, when Sardinia still was a part of the continental block. It is testified by a great variety of rocks formations, often with particular forms. Sardinia has been separated “only” approximately 25 million years ago from the French [...]

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