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Healthy air for kids to our camping in Sardinia

The sea for kids is really a blessing, book your holidays at our campsite in Sardinia!

For many years, it is argued that  sea air is very good for the kids. But is it a truth or a mistaken belief? Tonnara camping in Sardinia assures you that sea air makes the children really well, and now we explain you the reason.
The sea is a kind of natural aerosols, the air is full of  lots of water particles containing salts of iodine, calcium and sodium chloride... a perfect mix for our breathing system. All this happens in a spontaneous way, while playing on the shore, while you take the sun, while you bathe... no compulsion in front of artificial machines or specific products. The sea is truly an oasis of health for all children and not only!
Why do not arrange for next summer a beautiful holiday at Tonnara camping in Sardinia? Whole family, to share magic moments in a really beautiful way. We expect huge stretches of beach overlooking the Mediterranean sea, a hinterland for interesting excursions and outings, tasty and unique typical dishes, a nice pool to relax... all this surrounded by fresh air and... that is definitely good for your health !
Visit the website of Tonnara camping in Sardinia, you can choose from many housing structures that most closely reflects your needs and book it now! We assure you that it will be one of your best holidays, this one in our camping in Sardinia!