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Fishing tourism for a new holiday in the south of Sardinia

Fans of fishing, sea and good food will meet on holiday at the camping Tonnara in the south of Sardinia

The news that will make unique your holiday in the south of Sardinia is the fishing tourism , a new way of tourism that involves nature, fishing and good food lovers.
First of all, choose the place where you can spend your holiday : camping Tonnara. Hospitable with comfortable living facilities, first-class services, our resort is located on the sea and allows those who decide to spend a holiday in the south of Sardinia to practice fishing tourism.
The southern coast of the island lends itself to this new form of holiday because it is littered with small marinas from which dozens of fishermen every day leaves for fishing, with the old traditional techniques.
Well, for a unforgettable holiday in the south of Sardinia, do not miss this opportunity : there are several associations and cooperatives that organize daily fishing, tradition and food excursions.
You will be involved in a fishing trip on historical boat, with experienced fishermen who know the sea as their pockets.
You will discover, on this trip to the south of Sardinia, the incredible biodiversity of the seas, the fishing rules, the periods in which you can catch some fish and not others.
Finally you will crown the day with a wonderful lunch of traditional recipes.
Do not miss this beautiful holiday in the south of Sardinia at the camping Tonnara.