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Fabulous diving in Sardinia for you

Who deeply loves the sea, as soon as he has a break, lives immediately for this natural element so mysterious and fascinating. There are lovers of the beach and tan, but there are also those who want to explore the depths and all the hidden beauties of the deep. So why not assessed the fabulous diving in Sardinia? The beautiful island is known worldwide for its natural beauty making it a truly heavenly place to spend unforgettable moments. So if you want to live an unforgettable experience, rely on the experience of Camping Tonnara for diving in Sardinia never done before. In San Pietro, Sulcis archipelago, just 3 miles from the beautiful island of Sant Antioco, where the camp is located, is one of the few active traps in the Mediterranean. Here you can dive with experienced instructors for an experience that you will not forget. The period for these diving in Sardinia begins in late April to early June. Here hundreds of tuna that can reach up to 400 pounds with their silver scales are waiting for you. It will be a real adventure that not every day we have the chance to live. This tour in the Sardinian waters has been nicknamed "Girotonno" and will be organized for you in cooperation with the camping Tonnara May 17 to 20. For those who have another idea of ​​a vacation and does not dream of diving in Sardinia, but want something more traditional, there are many things to see there. Caves overlooking the sea, lovely villages, tourist sites, usually just you wait. Then check the website of Tonnara Camping here and book your vacation and your incredible diving in Sardinia.