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Excursions in Sardinia just for you

Would you like to do a different holiday? Maybe that gives you the chance to see the wonderful things without necessarily lie in the sun and move more? So the answer is the beautiful excursions in Sardinia. This wonderful island, in fact, not only offers you a beautiful sea and Caribbean beaches, but also the chance to leave for the paths really fabulous. All this by staying in the beautiful camping Tonnara. Sant'Antioco located in the south west of the island is the place to spend a little 'time immersed in nature more beautiful. It offers customers the most beautiful excursions in Sardinia. Some examples? The tour Nuraghi: 4 steps to the discovery of graves of giants, nuraghi, domus de Janas, holy wells, caves and taverns. A fascinating world. Or a guided visit to the city center. Starting from the waterfront, you'll find a series of landmarks, the Basilica and the Catacombs. It 's perfect for those who want to discover the roots of these places and visit the archaeological museum. But the excursions in Sardinia does not end there. In fact if you love hiking might enjoy the trip to the beach Maladroxia. This is a fascinating path between islets and rocks, until the volcanic area. Up to the magnificent Gulf of Palmas with a thousand beaches. This is just a taste of the many excursions in Sardinia offered by Tonnara Camping. Discover them all from the website of the campsite and book your holiday.