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Campsite in Sardinia: see you in summer 2020.

A little chat while looking at the sea from our campsite in Sardinia before saying goodbye and thanking you. We will return, full of energy, next spring - summer 2020.

A short chat on our camping in Sardinia

Situated in Sant’Antioco in Sardinia, Camping Tonnara enjoys a magnificent landscape thanks to its strategic position, from where you can admire the beauty of Cala Sapone: a distinctive beach with white sand and crystal clear sea. At our campsite you can attend numerous entertainment shows, spend moments of tranquility and peace, but also practice many sports. Last, but not least, the great cultural heritage of the place: we are, in fact, in a place rich in stories to tell. Starting from the Nuragic peoples, going on with the Phoenicians up to the Romans. Their presence is demonstrated by the many monuments on the island, the special cuisine and the curious traditions that are still handed down from generation to generation. All right, we have to admit it, we really like to talk about our qualities. Although probably most of you is already familiar with all this, there will surely be the usual curious who ended up on these lines because they were looking for information on our wonderful land or on our campsite. So why disappoint them? Let's give them what they would like to read!

A campsite on Sant’Antioco Island

A campsite on an island? That’s right! But not just any island. We are indeed talking about the Island of Sant 'Antioco, a characteristic site first for  the Phoenician population and later for the Roman one, which houses centuries  and centuries of history. Thanks to all this, it is even possible to visit a Phoenician sanctuary and the early Christian catacombs that still preserve all their historical charm. If you prefer to relax, you can take a walk along the coast of the island where you can admire the particular colored houses that line the port and more: in fact you will be able to fully enjoy the beautiful beaches and have fun discovering the hidden coves - they are so many, trust me - where you can enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation. As you may have already realized, this island is a truly magical place. Thanks to its excellent location - away, therefore, from crowds of tourists - it is able to offer peace and tranquility to all those who decide to choose it as a destination.

Camping Tonnara: it's not goodbye, it's see you soon!

After talking about all these wonders, the time has come for us to switch off and enjoy the pearls that a region like Sardinia can give us. Autumn is almost upon us and we begin to feel the need to drink a tasty hot tea while resting under the blanket - what? flip flops and bikini? No, I said hot tea and blanket! - and of course we must say goodbye to summer 2019. It is true, we leave behind months of real emotions, sun and tan. But don't despair! We will use these months to take advantage of all your reviews and improve even more the services offered at our campsite. Before leaving we want to thank you from the depths of our hearts for all the smiles you have given us and, above all, for choosing Camping Tonnara for your holidays. Remember, this is not goodbye, but see you soon!