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Campsite in Sardinia and Girotonno 2020

Girotonno 2020 from May 30 to June 2, 4 days of great celebration here in Carloforte. Book now your stay at Camping Tonnara in Sardegna.

It seems far but it is not, time goes by very fast, and now it is time to talk about the 18th edition of Girotonno, from May 30 to June 2 2020, the event of the city of Carloforte, in San Pietro Island, which makes our Sardinia famous all over the world. Have you already heard of it? Reservations are already numerous, it is a so interesting event that attracts tourist from every continent every year, now we will explain why!

Girotonno 2020 near our campsite in Sardinia.

The Girotonno event is a true must of the region, four days of culture, arts, food and wine, music and entertainment concentrated right here in Carloforte, in the sub region of Sulcis Iglesiente, a corner of earthly paradise renowned for the beauty of its natural landscapes and the millenary culture of tuna fishing.
On these days, gastronomic competitions between international chefs, live cooking shows with star chefs, tastings of tuna dishes will be organized and entertained by music, concerts and free shows.
Girotonno is a perfect opportunity to get to know our island, to taste the most typical flavours and to immerse yourself into costumes and traditions of the local people. You will be won over by the colours, the warmth and the flavours. 

A spring holiday in our campsite in Sardinia

As you already know, Camping Tonnara will open on 1st of May, therefore completely in time for this event. You can book an accommodation at our village and extend your spring break right on the sea, combining relaxation to fun and food and wine. A complete holiday, perfect for recharging energy, a anticipation of what summer 2020 will be.

Reservations are finally opened! We are looking forward to seeing you for Girotonno 2020!