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Campsite in Sardinia Tonnara: together against the emergency

Do not cancel your camping holiday in Sardinia, postponed it! Choose another period in 2020, we are waiting for you to make you live very special experiences.

What should be the most beautiful time of the year thanks to spring and the first warm, has instead become a period of great emergency, not only for Italy but for the whole world. Covid-19 virus forces us to stay at home, to limit all social contacts, to avoid going out in order to try to limit the spread now that there is no vaccine or specific medication to treat the infection. Spring 2020, so warm and so sunny, will be remembered for this accursed Coronavirus, but we are stronger than it ... In the end, nature will always wins and, like after the hardest winter or the most frightening storm, the sun will always shine. We must be patient, strong and bold, we must keep being confident and everything will soon pass.
Wishing you to always stay healthy, we decided today to bring you a little of light heartedness, to enter your houses to tell you about the Sardinian spring. We are waiting for you, once the emergency is over we will be happy to offer you the best holidays of your life, it is a must!

Sun, crystal clear water and peace ... the natural setting around our campsite in Sardinia.

Yes, spring has absolutely arrived on the coast of Sardinia, warmer and sunnier than ever. Here is then flowers blooming  and perfuming the environment, radically changing the colours of the landscape and horizon. The lawns of our village are full of daisies, the water of the swimming pool is rapidly heating up and we are getting ready! In fact, we want to improve the tourist offer in a truly special way and not just a simple holiday in Sardinia. You deserve it, don’t you?

If you have already booked a stay, do not cancel your holiday in our camping in Sardinia Tonnara, just postponed it. Choose another period as you wish, the deposit paid is valid for the whole year 2020. #StaySafe, we are waiting for you.