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Camping in Sardinia: the ideal solution for the whole family

Camping in Sardinia for families: your holiday will be a great experience.

We speak today to large families, to who is organizing a holiday that should satisfy small children and older kids, ensuring rest and relaxation to parents. Remember, if you choose the right structure everything will be magnificent, your holiday will become one of the best experiences of your life and you won't have to worry about stress or discontent. Camping Tonnara in Sardinia for example, located in Sant'Antioco in the very south of the island, is "family friendly". From accommodation (mobile homes and apartments bungalows), passing through the many facilities (swimming pool, animation, playground, outdoor sport fields, etc.) and being situated directly on the sea, so great location, it is candidated as perfect village to spend your long summer holidays with the whole family. There are plenty of restaurants with delicious typical dishes, the most charming places to visit on the island, green parks dominated by nature perfect to organize picnics, sunbathing area for relaxation and tan, the music and dance clubs for young people in the evenings. anything you want, our camping in Sardinia will do anything to satisfy you.
W0e are officially open from 21st April, book your stay in advance so as to ensure the accommodation you have chosen and why not, take advantage of the discounts offered. For any further information, contact reception at the campsite in Sardinia Tonnara.