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Camping in Sardinia and the many organized tours

Adventure and unforgettable emotions... here is the holiday at Tonnara Camping in Sardinia Tonnara! Join the many excursions organised by the camping in Sardinia to discover the beauties!

If you're not in the category of vacationers who enjoy pure relaxation and sweet idleness, Tonnara Camping in Sardinia offers you a perfect holiday: here is the many excursions and trips to discover the beauty of nature and of our country during your stay!
Let's start with the dominant element, the sea, and we start with the diving in Tonnara known all over the world. This camping in Sardinia organizes affordable prices for diving in one of the few still active traps, three miles from the island of Sant'Antioco. For more experienced divers, but also for the beginners who are accompanied by qualified guides will be an unforgettable experience ... through hundreds of tunas, twenty feet from the surface of the sea, into the wilderness.
If you want to be "dry", Tonnara camping in Sardinia offers you excursions on the island of Sant'Antioco to admire the coves, caves, flora and fauna. There are even trips to discover the ancient history of this land, between the shops and the impressive architecture.
If you will choose to spend a holiday guests of Tonnara Camping in Sardinia, you will be sure to live unique moments and magical memories to last a lifetime. To recharge your batteries and discover our area participate in these excursions really exciting!
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