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Camping in Sardinia and the Archaeological Museum

For those who love to discover the past and the history of the place they visit, we recommend you some places not to be missed. Tonnara Camping in Sardinia will be your point of reference.

Tonnara Camping in Sardinia is located in Sant 'Antioco , in the south of the island. This area is rich in history, culture and art ... if you love to discover the beauty of the past and the next summer you will spend a holiday at this camping in Sardinia, do not forget to visit the archaeological museum of Sant 'Antioco .
Inside you will find a large and wide range of finds and objects found in many archaeological excavations on the island, starting from the first settlements in the Neolithic period until the late stages of Romanization... You can find for exemples, some vessels of the Nuragica civilization, the funeral of age Punic artefacts of daily life of the Romans ... in short, a very interesting trip into the past and the history of Sant 'Antioco .
Our camping in Sardinia will be happy to welcome you for your holiday and show you all the possible places to visit during your stay. Definitely we will recommend you the Museum of Bisso , the underground village , the catacombs and the necropolis, all suggestive and interesting destinations.

Sardinia is a really nice land to discover step by step in each of its unique feature. If you have chosen this wonderful island as your holiday destination and Tonnara camping in Sardinia as a reference point , you're on the right way! Our island will not disappoint you , we are waiting for you all!