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Bungalow in Sardinia on the sea between comfort and privacy

Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday in the accommodations in the Tonnara touristic village. Discover the bungalows with us!

Each holiday is unique in its kind and must be designed and organized according to the tastes and needs of travelers. Starting from the accommodation in which you will spend your vacation, it is possible to outline different types of accomodations, each with specific and unique characteristics. For example, if you choose to go camping with a tent your holiday will be filled with adventure and desire to move more easily within the territory you are visiting, whilst staying in an apartment or a mobile home can reveal a desire for relaxation and comfort. Today we would like to talk to you about the type of holiday that you can create starting from the bungalows in Sardinia by the sea, one of the many accommodations available in the four-star Tonnara touristic village.

The structure of the bungalows in Sardinia by the sea

Let's start by specifying how these splendid environments are organized for you holiday. The bungalows in Sardinia by the sea are built in masonry, a material that allows you to keep the interior rooms fresh and welcoming even in the hottest periods. They consist of one or two rooms fully furnished and equipped with every comfort. Inside you will find: a private bathroom with shower, a kitchen equipped with four burners, cookware and a veranda equipped with a table and chairs. You will also find deck chairs for your moments of relaxation and beds with comfortable mattresses for a full and energizing rest. All this will be immersed in the green Sardinian landscape that embraces and moves within the Tonnara camping.

Why choose to stay in a bungalow in Sardinia by the sea?

The answers to this question are many and all aimed at making your holiday an unforgettable experience. The vacation inside the bungalows in Sardinia by the sea will guarantee you: 

● privacy and intimacy
● comfortable rest away from noise and light
● relaxation in nature with the comforts of a home

These are the main features that make this accommodation suitable for couples, families with children and groups of friends, but they are not the only ones! Staying overnight in a bungalow will allow you to travel lighter with the certainty of finding, upon your arrival, a welcoming structure like that of a home. In this way you can fully enjoy your holiday without the thought of organizing camping equipment, but benefiting from the wonderful green space in the touristic village located in Sant'Antioco , an island that will welcome you with its beauties and its traditions. Furthermore, the presence of the sea just a few steps from the campsite will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of Sardinian beaches, each with its own vegetation and its own suggestive views. To discover the other services on the campsite, visit our dedicated page and for any information, do not hesitate to contact us!