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A vacation to discover the caves of Sardinia

In the vicinity of Camping Tonnara are three of the most beautiful sites in caves in Sardinia. Our staff will be happy to give you information about the caves in Sardinia and to help you organize an excursion to one of these three complexes.

The holiday in Sardinia, for the majority of tourists means lots of sun, crystal clear sea and white beaches, but we at Camping Tonnara, we know that the wealth of the island goes far beyond all this. The Tonnara camping is located on the Island of Sant’Antioco, one of the natural beauty of the whole island, among other things, very close to another wonder of nature: some of the most interesting caves in Sardinia.
If you want to be enchanted, organized a trip to the caves of Sardinia: once you reach our campsite, our staff will be happy to give you all the necessary information, and advise you on the most interesting guided tours.
In the vicinity of our camping, there are three sites not to be missed: Su Mannau, San Giovanni and Is Zuddas, three of the caves in Sardinia that best describe howunique and special is our land.
In particular, San Giovanni and Is Zuddas are situated in the hinterland, the first is a cave that has originated from a karst phenomenon, the second is special for the walls covered with crystals of aragonite coralloid that make an atmosphere like a dream.
Su Mannau, however, is a complex of caves in Sardinia originated by two rivers, which over time have dug the two main branches, the right and the left, for a total of approximately 8 kilometers of beautiful caves, occupied by placid rivers, springs of crystal clear water and rapids: a site that you cannot miss during your holiday at Camping Tonnara.