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Holiday in Sardinia

Camping in Sardinia Tonnara: come to visit us!
Yes, we can say it…it’s May but we are in Summer! Spring is giving us beautiful and warm days so if you have some days off from work we invite you in Tonnara Camping in Sardinia! Close your eyes, imagine a village in the nature, facing the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by a fantastic and [...]

Camping in Sardinia: Primavera Sulcitana (Sulcis Iglesias Spring)
Camping in Sardinia Tonnara located in Sant'Antioco says to you that in Carbonia, a beautiful city just a few kilometers away from the village, the 13th and 14th May will take place the event " Primavera Sulcitana 2017". If you will be our guests in that weekend, we sugegst you to [...]

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