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Holiday in Sardinia

Week end in Sardinia, good for your mood
That beautiful sunshine and very hot days in these weekends of spring in Sardinia...but aren't we at the beginning of July? No, we are not! We are at the end of April, nature gives us really beautiful and fragrant blooms that color the whole atmosphere around our campsite and is instantly [...]

The season of Camping Tonnara in Sardinia in starting
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... even our countdown ended, here we are at the opening week of Camping Tonnara in Sardinia! After these wonderful spring weeks, warm and sunny, which remind us of summer central months, the time to start the 2018 season with great enthusiasm and a lot of joy has come. How many of [...]

Mobile homes in Sardinia and news for 2018
Are you looking for mobile homes in Sardinia for your summer holiday? Have you chosen to spend your days at a campsite, to live 100% that place and for the beauty of being in contact with nature? Camping Tonnara, in the very south of the island, in Sant'Antioco precisely, is perfect for you. [...]

It's getting closer to the new season opening of our resort in Sardinia!
How did you spend Easter time this year? The sun has warmed our Sardinia as never before...and among the scent of flowers, the sound of the sea and various initiatives that are starting in the single municipalities near to our resort in Sardinia, it seems almost like summer! It's really [...]

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