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Holiday in Sardinia

Happy new year from the tourist village Sardinia Tonnara
And after the celebrations of Christmas, how are you feeling? Have you put on a few pounds? The gifts were a good surprise? It's all part of the magic and the atmosphere of this period ... large binges, the presents unwrapped and the loved ones around are the real beauty of these parties. [...]

Tonnara Camping in Sardinia best wishes to all of you
Camping in Sardinia Tonnara took advantage of the occasion to make you its best wishes for a Merry Christmas, we wish you a very happy Christmas with your family and your closest friends, waiting for the arrival of the new year with great enthusiasm and lots of wishes! Missing very little now, a [...]

Bungalow in Sardinia andÂ…. bungalow tent!
Inside the camping Tonnara in Sant'Antioco there are more available accommodation you can choose according to your needs. Today we speak of our bungalows in Sardinia and ... bungalow tents! What are the differences? What can you recommend? The bungalows are built in masonry in Sardinia [...]

Our camping in Sardinia is working for you
How many of you will spend the Christmas holidays at home, with the family? How many will be able to travel and reach maybe mountain destinations for skiing and winter sports? The staff of Tonnara camping in Sardinia welcomes you to spend these magical days in great serenity and happiness [...]

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