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A camping in Sardinia to make a dream true.

Tonnara camping is a special camping in Sardinia because of its location in the small island of Sant'Antioco, for the story that you can breathe walking to the quality services offered. If you decide to book early our holiday in our camping in Sardinia, you will have special discounts.

The holidays in a camping in Sardinia have never been so close. Everyone think always to the bright blue Sardinian sea such a dream, unattainable, but it is not like that.
Tonnara Camping in Sardinia, precisely in Sant'Antioco, is a structure suitable for everyone holidays, it has created, especially for the low season, unrivaled offers.
If your holidays can be arranged with a certain freedom of the times, have a look on our website for discounts and realize the possibilities related to the months of April, May and June and again in September.
The low season in Sardinia is certainly special festivals and traditional celebrations, perfect weather that allows both long bathing and swimming in the sea or hill walking without suffering from the heat, colors and scents that are difficult to find then in the warmer months.
Tonnara camping is unique for the particular geographical location on the island of Sant'Antioco and history that you breathe walking along the old roads in the area: ancient peoples of Nuraghi, Romans and Barbarians, Arabs and Saracens, who inhabited these lands leaving indelible marks on the culture, traditions and architecture.
You can choose different types of accomodations, with comfortable and new mobile homes to bungalow, or choose the more adventurous variant of a bungalow-tent.
Make your dream a reality and visit us at the Tonnara camping, in southern Sardinia.